STALAM has developed a version of the rapid in-line defrosting equipment – the RF 7 kW EASY – having performances comparable
to those of the standard version COLDWAVE+ but with an “EASY” frame whose purpose is giving the possibility even to companies with a limited available budget and space constrains to benefit from the outstanding advantages of the RF technology.

RF 7 kW EASY is designed for the rapid and uniform tempering or partial thawing of frozen raw materials and products in the food industry, such as meat (beef, pork, lamb, etc.), poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.), fish & seafood, fruit, vegetables, ready meals, dairy products, etc. either packaged or “naked”, in blocks or individually frozen.

Thanks to the quick, gentle and uniform treatment performed by the Radio Frequency technology, RF 7 kW EASY can minimize the drip loss (thus improving the yield) and retain the flavor, texture and freshness of food, thus preserving at best its biological, nutritional and sensorial integrity.

The RF 7 kW EASY is the ideal solution for factories that require a small production capacity or that need to quickly check the quality of the frozen raw material before its acceptance, as well as for laboratories that want to replicate the same performance and results of an industrial RF defroster, yet on a small scale. The machine can be easily shifted, thanks to the wheel system.