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High quality leading worldwide brands for unrivalled confidence in your production processes.

Packaging Materials

We provide customers with the right packaging material with superior quality products at the right price.

Food Ingredients

We specialize in the production of high-grade seasoning blends, additives and functionalities for convenience products. Our expertise has grown over many years and helps us provide customized solutions.

Newtech Machinery Pte Ltd

Newtech Machinery Pte Ltd (Newtech) was founded in year 2006. We supply a wide range of food processing equipment, packaging systems, and food ingredients for various food production sectors in both Singapore and overseas markets.

After Sales Services

To prevent interruption to production, we provide support for machinery by phone or onsite, keep critical spare parts for quicker response time and safe-guard reliable production. We provide customised service and maintenance contracts to suit every customer. Grinding and sharpening services for mincer cutting sets and bowl cutter blades are also available.

Our Industry

Our Partners