FOOD Machinery

Food Machinery: VC999


The i-Series thermoformer runs on a reliable PLC platform.

i-Software is design to navigate the HMI machine interface on an industrial PC with ease.


Born from one of our top-performing packaging machines, the RS Rollstock.

Machine, the new R-Series has a long pedigree of reliability.

With the ability to customize each unit, this machine can meet both your current and future packaging needs.


  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Reduced operating cost with few employees needed
  • More control over package sizes & shapes
  • Many products can be packaged on a Thermoformer with unlimited die configurations
  • Lowest packaging cost with film used as basic material
  • Minimal material storage cost, packages in various shapes can be made off the same film rolls
  • Packages can easily be used for industrial or retail consumer purposes
  • Maximum packaging performance