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Trolley Washer

It does not matter what kind of trolley you use, you can clean them in a UNIKON trolley washer. Using advanced cleaning techniques, we are able to clean all types of trolleys quickly and efficiently on all sides. We apply a moving wash frame that is fitted with nozzles on four sides. Washing time and washing power are then matched to the required cleaning.

The result? You can clean your trolleys thoroughly and, if necessary, with high speed in a hand operated washing machine or in a fully automated trolley washer, a typical solution of UNIKON. Even when choosing components, we can help and take into account your preferences (for example for reasons of standardization).


The ECO-modular, the name says it all, consists of a number of standards modules suitable for the most common washing needs. Thanks to the application of these standard modules, the price can be kept low while the productivity is high. Depending on the number and type of products to be cleaned, the contamination and the desired end result, the machine is assembled. Pre-wash, main wash, rinse and blow drying can be selected according to your requirements. Even at a later stage – when the machine is already in use – modules can be added to increase the washing and drying capacity. In this way, the washing machine can grow along with your business and you do not need to invest immediately to the maximum.