FOOD Machinery

Food Machinery: Marelec

Portion Cutter Portion 3

Fixed-weight portion cutter

The fixed-weight portion cutter PORTIO 3 is used to portion rounded poultry products or parts such as fillets, with a vertical cut to a programmed fixed weight. This PORTIO 3 portioner uses 3 camera/laser combinations to accurately scan the entire contour of a large fillet.

Compact Grader

Grading Solutions

Compact means infeed, weighing and grading on one belt and in one frame. The MARELEC M3 compact grader is easy to use and is a simple and robust grading solution for sorting and/or batching of all kind of poultry parts. This is combined with the same precision of classic graders.

Portio 1DAP

Fixed-weight portion cutter

This dual-lane PORTIO 1DAP offers the highest capacity for portioning poultry fillets or thigh meat with the smallest possible footprint. Fillets are cut at an angle for a natural look, or to obtain a greater plate coverage. Each knife angle can be individually set in 5 different positions.