FOOD Machinery

Food Machinery: KNECHT

Surface Grinding Machine W 300

The machine sharpens mincer plates and knives, cutting sets of inline grinders, as well as cutting sets of emulsifiers with a diameter up to 400 mm (15.7 in). Plane-parallelism is two hundredths of a millimeter.

The strong drive motor and the rotary table are installed in a heavy L-beam construction. This provides a high degree of material removal. Thus, even very worn workpieces can obtain an exact surface again in a short amount of time.

Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine S 20 | S 20 B

The Universal Wet-Sharpening Machine S 20 is a universal grinding machine for all conventional cutter knives as well as circular knives, hand knives and other cutting tools.

Sharpening Machine A 400

The A 400 Sharpening Machine produces cutting edges of highest precision and quality. It is suitable for grinding and deburring sickle-shaped knives up to 1000 mm (39.3 in) size with one-sided cutting edge (without serration). The maximum bevel width is 5 mm.

Hand Knife Sharpening Machine EVO 5

The Hand Knife Sharpening Machine EVO 5 is a robust and reliable sharpening machine for butcher shops, meat packing plants, grinding services, gastronomy etc. The machine can be used to sharpen a wide variety of cutting tools such as butcher‘s knives, boning knives, chef‘s knives and many more.