FOOD Machinery

Food Machinery: Holac

Sect 230 TC

The Sect 230 TC is a highly flexible portion cutting machine. With
its servo-controlled product feed and smart control system, it is
possible to portion the product into groups with the consistently
identical or at choice varying slice thickness. First-cut control and
batching options are other functions that guarantee and optimize
yield. The integrated discharge conveyor enables simple and swift
product handling after slicing.


The Cheesixx is the smallest model amongst the machines in the cheese processing product range. Whether you require small, medium-sized, or large dice, sticks or “flakes”, or special shapes such as triangles or shreds, with its patented cutting technology, the Cheesixx handles all applications reliably and effectively.

Maxx 116 U / LP

The Maxx 116 U/LP is the perfect machine in the holac range of products for pre-formed/cased material. The Maxx 116 U has a special U-shaped magazine with a hydraulically powered cut-off blade. The Maxx 116 LP has a hydraulically powered sidewall and guillotine cut-off blade. Both machines can be used in either semiautomatic or within automatic product lines. Either a hoist/tilting device or product feed conveyor belts can be integrated.

Cubixx 100

Cubixx 100
The Cubixx 100 is the smallest multipurpose dicer in the holac
range. Its ease of use, combined with the optimal technology of
the big multipurpose dicers, make it a popular choice.