FOOD Machinery

Food Machinery: Hitec

ClearOil – Oil Filtration Systems

  • Higher quality of your endproduct, Extended oil lifetime.
  • Quick return on investment!.
  • Less down time to due to oil replacement.
  • Reduced cost due to longer lifetime of frying oil.
  • Easy maintainable system.

HiTec FRYER-Pro Series TH/EH

The HiTec fryers are multi-purpose, continuously operating high-performance machines which allow to fry a wide range of products. The frying process is controlled through time and oil temperature, to achieve an ideal cooking effect, a perfect product color and best yields. We are offering either electrical heated or thermal oil heated fryers, which work energy saving and efficiently. All HiTec fryers are very easy to clean and to maintain, as well as ergonomically designed and meets highest standards in terms of (food) safety and sanitation requirements.

BG Belt Grill Systems Pro-series (Contact Cooking)

  • Fat-free contact cooking with non-stick belts seals the natural juices and fats in the product for highest eating quality and minimum cooking losses
  • Fast cooking time provides higher yield and high performance
  • Non-stick solid cooking belt means product is cooked in its juices and natural fats
  • A home-cooked appearance and taste
  • Perfect browning of product surface
  • No belt marks on products