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Food Machinery: Fessmann

Industrial system Ti3000

The industrial system Ti3000 will get more than 1.5% more yield as compared to other systems – at the tried and tested FESSMANN quality! Completely made of stainless steel and built steam-tight out of panels, the Ti3000 is universally usable according to your specific needs. The central unit technology also convinces with its flexibility and best circulation air outputs at short process times.

More flavour, more weight, more FESSMANN

Intensive cooling system IK3000

The low ceiling height makes the IK3000 particularly ideal for crafts operations. It entices not only by shortest cooling times, but also convinces with its many possible equipment options – including optional cooking! The intensive cooling system’s applications are not limited to use in trades: The particularly high cooling output per chamber unit and the modular construction-kit build make the system attractive to the industry as well.

Calculated cooling


The RotathermCarat achieves particularly high-quality baking results thanks to the special rotation technology. The innovative rotation of the trolley in the air flow focusing at the centre ensures products of unparalleled consistency even at extremely high temperatures. With the special air guidance within the system, the RotathermCarat also convinces with the shortest process times and a capacity increase of 100% as compared to standard baking systems!

Baking at 360°