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Alco Food Machines GmbH & Co. KG is dealing with the production of machines for the food industry for nearly 40 years. Innovative, high-quality, customized to the needs of individual customers machinery, equipment, and production lines for the manufacture of products from meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, potatoes, milk, etc.  is their main task. As one of the leading companies in the global market, Alco Food Machines GmbH & Co. KG is focusing on a consistent and practical research. The development of the company and its products are focusing on latest technology, optimized functionality, high quality requirements and always the customer desires.

  • HotCook Type AHC
  • Contact Cooker Type AGT
  • Flattener Type ASP
  • Cordon Blue Slicer/ Butterfly Machine Type ACB
  • Tenderizer Type ASC
  • Batter Breading Frying Over Lines( Convenience Lines)
  • Forming Machines Type AFM

Almi bring individual, distinctive products to the market that is the task we have set themselves as spice blend specialists.

Raw materials of the highest quality and a reliable service are complemented by innovative ideas and technologies, thus ensuring complete customer satisfaction. But technology is not the only area where their quest for innovation manifests itself individual customer care that reflects the customer market and its specific flavour preferences and trends is also one of their core competences.

  • Sausage Spice
  • Organic Spice/ Herbage
  • Marinades/ Gravy
  • Convenience

FESSMANN has been manufacturing machines for the processing of meat, sausage and fish products with a strong pioneering spirit, untiring innovation and unconditional customer orientation. The advantages of the FESSMANN systems can be compressed in three key words: less weight loss, fast process times and maximum economy. Customers appreciate especially the constantly reproducible conditions of the products, their uniform shape and quality as well as the constant taste.

  • Smoke House
  • Cooking  House
  • Baking House
  • Intensive Cooling
  • Climatic Maturing

Holac Maschinenbau GmbH today is a leading, globally recognised company in the cutting-technology industry, with its headquarters in Nattheim, Germany. For over 50 years, holac has been providing solutions to cut meat, meat products, cheese, fish and vegetables. The holac brand stands for unsurpassed precision, reliability and quality. holac’s experience and the creativity they apply in developing their machines always guarantee their dominant position in the global market. The company’s strategy is to focus firmly on their core area: cutting technology for foodstuffs.

  • Multi-purpose dicer
  • Cheese cutter
  • Slicing machine
  • Strip cutter

LASKA is the leading international brand in the meat processing and associated food industries with an outstanding product portfolio in-terms of functionality, robustness,safety and the exceptional quality of the data processing its machinery provides.

  • Bowl cutter
  • Grinder and mixer-grinders
  • Mixers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Frozen meat Grinders
  • Frozen meat cutters
  • Production lines

Vemag is one of the major developers of continuous vacuum filler. In recent years, VEMAG has sought to emphasize further the system-specific character of its solutions, i.e. the integration of complex processing steps into the filling and portioning process.

  • Sausage lines
  • Vacuum filler
  • Dough portioner
  • Forming and grinding products
  • Convenience lines

Specialized in the design and manufacturing of meat-bone seperators, Deboners and Desinewers, corresponding to the highest EU-USA Quality standards. Its dynamism in innovation and development is concertized by a complete range of separators covered by international patents. Based on its technological expertise and experience, LIMA also provides complete production lines. A network of agents and distributors provides marketing and customer services in more than 100 countries across 5 continents. More than 90% of the machines are exported, making LIMA technology one of the world leaders in its field.

  • Meat-bone Seperators
  • Deboners
  • Desinewers
lorenzo barroso

A leading company in quality and innovation of clippers and tiers and the world’s biggest manufacturer of aluminium clips and loops types.

  • Manual clipping machines
  • Automatic clipping machines
  • Clips
  • Loops

MARELEC Food Technologies has been active in the food processing world ever since 1983.
Their experience and know-how with regards to fish weighing and sorting systems result in powerful, reliable systems that weigh and sort fish perfectly on shore as well as at sea. The unique features: robustness, high speed precision and custom design are also applied to the poultry and meat systems. Their trawl control systems and other marine electronics are the most important ones in the maritime world. They also have a network of international agents – in over 30 countries. 

They designs and manufactures high technology portioning, weighing, grading and control systems for the fishing and food industry, to optimise the efficiency of the manufacturing process.


Rühle offers a wide choice of machines. Here you will find everything you need for processing speciality food and meat products, both for the small individual food and butchery operation, through the flexible medium-sized operator to the food industry giant.

  • Injecting
  • Tumbling
  • Mixing
  • Cutting
  • Packaging
  • Cleaning

VC999 Packaging Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Vacuum Chamber Machines, Thermoform (rollstock) Packaging Machines, Tray Sealer, Skin Packaging, and Flow Wrapper Machine Systems as well as other Packaging Robotics, Vision Inspection Systems, Conveyer/Converger Systems, Weighing, Labeling and Product Scanning.

  • Thermoforming
  • Vacuum chamber
  • Tray sealing
  • Shrink and dryer system
  • Packaging material

STALAM’s RF(radio frequency) equipment are being applied successfully since the late eighties to the post-baking drying of a wide range of bakery products. he first and best known application of the radio frequency (RF) technology in the food industry is the post-baking drying of biscuits, crackers, breakfast cereals, etc.
Nevertheless, in the last decade, STALAM has been introducing to the world markets many innovative food processing technologies based on the RF heating method, such as the quick defrosting of frozen fish, meat and other raw or processed food products, the pasteurisation and sterilisation of either solid packaged food or viscous liquid products in the tube, the baking of white-crust bread, the disinfestation and sanitisation of dry food commodities (grains, seeds, legumes, etc.).