We are a service orientated company, and we know the importance of after sales service, hence we strive to provide the best solution to reduce downtime.

  • Machine troubleshooting / repair, by phone or onsite

    We provide technical phone and onsite support for machine breakdowns, to prevent interruption to client’s production.

  • Customised service and maintenance contracts to suit every customer

    Through preventive maintenance, we strive to lengthen the life of all our customer’s machinery.


    Sharpening of knife/cutting sets used in meat processing requires considerable skill and knowledge. At Newtech, our clients benefit greatly from our expert engineers, trained to sharpen knife sets professionally.

    In meat processing, the wear and tear on knife/cutting sets is high due to the extreme operational pressures exerted on the knives/cutting sets. The use of chemicals can also lead to corrosion. Newtech engineers access all knives for cracks, corrosion and other abrasions, to keep customers aware of the limits of their knives/cutting sets.

    Our sharpening processes and equipment are professional, automatic, and water-cooled to ensure optimal knife cutting geometry and to protect the knives from overheating.

Spare Parts

We keep a vast inventory for most wear and tear spare parts.

This allows us to have quicker response times and safeguard reliable production.

  • Direct sales for wear and tear parts

  • Direct sales for mincer cutting sets, bowl cutter blades, etc.