Food Processing Equipment

High quality leading worldwide brands for unrivalled confidence in your production processes.

Packaging Systems

Wide range of packaging equipment to cater to your packaging needs.

Food Ingredients

Food ingredients and spices for various food production sectors in Singapore and the region.

Our Services

To prevent interruption to production, we provide support for machinery by phone or onsite, keep critical spare parts for quicker response time and safe-guard reliable production. We provide customised service and maintenance contracts to suit every customer. Grinding and sharpening services for mincer cutting sets and bowl cutter blades are also available.

After-Sales Service

Machine troubleshooting / repair by phone or onsite.

Spare Parts

Vast inventory for most common wear and tear parts. Direct sales for wear and tear parts. Direct sales for mincer cutting sets, bowl cutter blades, etc…

Sharpening Service

Automatic and water-cooled grinding/sharpening services for mincer cutting sets, bowl cutter blades, etc…

Our Products

The brands we carry are among the most reputable in the industry, and together with our after-sales team, we are able to assist and supply our clients with comprehensive food processing solutions.

These advanced equipment and systems are aimed at helping our clients increase their capacity, quality, profitability, and most of all productivity.